Brand -取り扱いブランド-



Miasuki Japan’s first landing. We will propose an elegant and finest riding horse fashion incorporating ergonomic performance into delicate technique by hand.

Cavalleria Toscana カバレリア トスカーナ

CAVALLERIA TOSCANA は、馬への情熱を革新的なビジネスでの勝利に変える3人の「Cavaliers(騎士)」によりイタリアで産声をあげました。伝統と優雅さが絶対である乗馬ファッション業界において、真のホースマンに似合う ファッショナブルで且つ独創的な服を生み出し続け、瞬く間に業界のリーダー的存在まで昇りつめました。今までの実績に驕ることなく、他のブランドとは一線を画したファッションを発信し続けております。

Now a leading company in the fashion line of horse riders with a motto of ‘Wear to be Unique ‘ CT has captured many fans from all over the world for it’s original and elegant designs, while showing the love and passion for the enjoyment of the equestrian sport.

Guibert ギベール

超一流の革製品ブランドGuibert。鞍をはじめ、頭絡、鞭、レディースバッグ、スカーフ等 フランス パリの香り感じられるアイテムをご提案しております。

A company specializing in leather material, Guibert has created beautiful saddles, bridles, whips, fashion bags for ladies and scarves. A taste of Paris fashion and quality will sure be seen from Guibert items.

Antares アンタレス


A young but successfully growing company since 2000 May. Mainly  known for their master pieces of saddles and original designs of helmets which many famous riders have worn. ISO 9001 certified.

DeNiro デニーロ


A company born from Lecce, the heel of Italy since 1981.
All boots hand crafted delicately with significant Italian taste and now known as world class boots.

Pikeur ピカー

商品も増え、幅広い年齢層に向け商品を展開しています。 PIKEURが、長年世界中から絶賛の評価を得ているのも、全てのライダーに満足して頂きたいという不変の姿勢があるからです 弊社ではその様な中から、〈ピカープレミアムコレクション〉といたしまして、 PIKEURの中でもさらにハイクオリティの御品を限定販売いたしております。

and popularity amongst various generations of riders. The secret of it’s popularity is solely for the reason of producing wears for riders in the most satisfactory way. Amongst many produced Pikeur breeches, our company has selected a higher quality than usual, called the ‘ Pikeur Premium Collection ‘ which comes in twice a year.

Tokyo Inageya 東京稲毛屋

創業から一世紀を超えた老舗靴店 東京稲毛屋 。乗馬ファンの間では、長靴といえば稲毛屋と言われるほど知られた存在です。

Probably the most well known and sophisticated boots maker for all riders in Japan. Tokyo Inageya has a long history of more than a century. The craftsman are the best boots maker with a motto of ‘Total closeness between man and horse’Each pair of customized boots will surely satisfy the rider’s needs in the equestrian world.

Morishita モリシタ


Started since 1901, Morishita tailor has had the pleasure of producing custom jackets for many top riders in all of Japan which of course, have been worn during their exciting tournament shows. From Show Jackets to daily workout jackets, Morishita strives to satisfy each valued customers wish in the line of perfection.

Cavalliera カバリエラ


A Hungarian/French co-production with a motif of creating unique collections of equestrian wear decorated with tiny sparkling crystals


With a long background history of working for one of the top level apparels in Japan and a rider himself, our president Yoshiyuki Nagao has selected high quality goods for both horse and man. Many of our customers has had the pleasure of visiting our shop and enjoyed all aspects of goods and service they have received.


From big size framed paintings to post cards, beautiful horse statues and horse shaped incense burners, customers will find an overwhelming anxiety to see such arts here at our Salon.

NOAH アトリエノア


Every piece of accessory and jewelry are made with motifs of horses. Craftsmen create masterpieces from small detailed works of rings, pendants, broaches to amazingly beautiful big size cameos. Each customer will surely be satisfied and love their chosen jewelry the more they use it as time goes by.

Blue Ribbon ブルーリボン

ジュエリーブランドBlue Ribbonは、長年の馬とのふれあいを活かしてその多彩な表情、優雅でありながら時に力強く躍動する彼らの雄姿をHigh jewelryとして昇華させ、皆様にお届け致します。

The designer herself has strong love and passion for the beauty of all horses. Making this the foundation of her creative and elegant jewelries, Blue Ribbon jewelry has now achieved many fans and referred to as a ‘ High Class Jewelry ‘